Boost your productivity & task management with AI

Saicretary is your AI-powered personal secretary, managing your tasks and schedule while sending personalized check-in emails.




Got it. Have a great day!
Lastly, can you send me an email in the morning with my schedule for the day? That'll be it.
Of course, sir. I will mark those meetings as high priority. If there's anything else you need, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Just make sure they're marked as high priority. Thank you!
I have noted that down. I will make sure to send you the necessary reminders. Is there anything else you would need help with regarding your meetings?
I have a Zoom Meeting with John at 2pm and another one on Thursday next week at the same time.
Good morning, sir. Is there anything I can help you with today?
Good morning

Transform Your Productivity with Saicretary's AI-Powered Solutions

Saicretary makes it easy to manage your tasks and schedule. Our AI-powered assistant helps you stay on top of everything with:

  • Intelligent Task Management
  • Seamless Schedule Planning
  • Personalized Daily Check-ins
  • Habit Tracking
  • Modern Digital Journal
  • Productivity Reports

Key Features Explained

Intelligent Task Management

Let Saicretary automatically organize and prioritize tasks by deadlines and importance, ensuring you focus on what matters most.

Seamless Schedule Planning

Allow Saicretary to seamlessly sync with your calendar to keep track of all your appointments and deadlines in one place.

Personalized Daily Check-ins

Have Saicretary send you daily check-in emails in the morning, so you can review your schedule and stay on top of your tasks with ease.

Habit Tracking

Track your habits and set goals with Saicretary to build a routine that works best for you.

Modern Digital Journal

Let Saicretary prompt you each day to log your thoughts, plans, and progress for enhanced productivity.

Productivity Reports

Receive detailed reports each month from Saicretary to analyze your productivity and optimize your workflow.

Unlock Your Productivity Potential with Flexible Plans

Choose the perfect plan to elevate your task management and productivity.

Intern Saicretary

Saicretary portrait

Best option to get started with productivity and task management

  • Limited Access to AI
  • Access to the Dashboard
  • Tasks Management
  • Schedule View
  • Habit Tracking

Senior Saicretary

Saicretary portrait

Best for perfectionists looking to maximize their productivity with AI

  • Direct Access to AI
  • Full Access to the Dashboard
  • Customizable Email Reminders
  • Productivity Reports
  • Modern Journal

Lead Saicretary

Saicretary portrait

Tailored for users requiring advanced AI integration for productivity

  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon

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